Economic forecasting for almost every company includes projecting energy costs that have historically continued to rise. Higher power costs drive up the prices of goods and services and impact bottom lines. Today, solar energy and energy monitoring tools provide business leaders with strategic  advantages for reducing operational costs. As installed costs of commercial solar systems have declined, technological advances have increased reliability and energy production - spurring small businesses and global organizations to seek solar power. Performance guarantees for quality panels are now 25 years and increased power density means fewer panels and smaller sites for the same amount of generation.

AV3 Energy provides quality ground-mounted commercial & industrial solar energy solutions that are flexible, optimize the site, and are customized to each customer’s specific needs. Our solar development services include a full range of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) for systems ranging in size from 50kW to 5MW. We offer design-build projects with financing partners or cash purchase and full requirements contract options. Commercial energy customers today understand that solar energy provides a long-term economic price hedge as well helping them meet their sustainability goals.




Residential solar energy is affordable. The prices for solar systems and residential energy storage have dropped and tax credits are at their peak.  It is a great time to lock in a portion of the cost of electricity for the next 20 years. This is actually the most enticing reason to invest in a solar system for your home. Of course, doing your part to help the environment is an admirable reason in itself and a solar energy system gives you the opportunity to accomplish both at the same time. 

AV3 Energy can design and install a ground-mounted system; typically between 5kW and 15kW. Assuming it is a “grid-tied” system, it will connect to your breaker box and supplement the energy provided by your utility company. If your solar array generates more electricity than your house is using during the day, the meter “in essence” runs backwards. At night, it runs forward as normal.  At the end of the month, you still get a bill for your meter fee plus the amount of electricity used over what you generated.



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